Whatsapp Plus APK 2022: Latest Version Download


The original WhatsApp APK has been modified by DEV. The mod version has been renamed Whatsapp Plus as well to incorporate the newly added features. It is a more advanced version of GBWhatsapp, You can download WhatsApp plus for free in 2022.

Whatsapp Plus App 2022

WhatsApp Plus Features APK

Wa+ is one of the best apps out there with lots of features you cannot get in standard WhatsApp. Compared to the original, this is an improved version. Therefore, it is superior to all others. 

Here are its features:

Full customization – The original app does not allow customization. However, WhatsApp Plus has a customizable user interface.

All buttons, graphics, and text can be changed. Thus, with only a few clicks you can personalize the app.

You can choose a theme from more than 700 options. Plus, you do not need to download each one at a time. All of the themes are downloaded and sorted by name, version, and date. Choosing your favorites is all that is required.

Hide online status – All MOD WAs have this feature, which is very useful. Your online status can be hidden from others with this amazing feature of this application.

When this feature is enabled, no one will be able to see you online. Keeping your online presence secret is beneficial.

Emoticons – Without having to say a word, emoticons help us convey our emotions. We use emoticons to express our feelings when words can’t adequately express them.

We are, however, restricted to using emoticons in the original WhatsApp. There are now more emoticons in WhatsApp Plus, so the issue has been resolved.

Google Hangouts emoticons have been added to give users variety. However, it is important to remember that your WhatsApp Plus contacts can also see your emoticons.

Writing status – The WhatsApp messaging feature informs the recipient when you write a message to him. When you enable WhatsApp Plus’ privacy options, you have the option not to let others know your writing status.

Advanced file sharing option – You can easily share files with your friends, family, and coworkers via Whatsapp.

Originally, you could send only 16MB of files at a time. Those who wish to send larger files are faced with a lot of problems because of this.

The application Whatsapp Plus allows users to send files as large as 50MB. Since it can be used for so many things, it’s a really nice feature.

Sticker Packs – From the internet, you can download cool sticker packs that are popular right now. They are updated according to sticker trends. 

Auto-reply – This feature is only available in the original WhatsApp for business. Unlike Official WhatsApp, you can send a reply automatically to any of your contacts in WhatsApp Plus free of charge.

The convenience of this greatly helps people who are busy and cannot get to reply immediately.

Wallpapers – Wallpapers are a favorite feature of any smartphone. Check out some amazing wallpapers in this app for those who love to set wallpapers on chat screens.

History and logs – Every activity you perform in WhatsApp Plus is recorded. Originally, you wouldn’t have been able to access this feature.

A lot can be done with this innovative feature. If someone changed some of your account settings without your permission, it might be possible to see if they did that.

In either case, you can return your settings to what they were before you changed them.

Themes – Not all MOD Whatsapp versions offer this feature. The theme option is one of the most interesting features.

WhatsApp plus can be customized to fit your needs. Several user-created themes are available. Create your own Whatsapp plus theme and upload it to be one of them.

Sharing – The ordinary version of WhatsApp does not allow you to share items in the same way that WhatsApp Plus does. Video lengths longer than 30 seconds can be shared with it.

Additionally, it supports videos with up to 7 minutes, videos up to 50MB, audios up to 100MB, and images of original quality.

Security – Why do you not lock your Whatsapp if you are concerned about Whatsapp Plus’s security? The app can be protected without requiring any third-party apps.

Whatsapp+’s latest version comes with a lock feature. Keep your WA secure by setting passwords.

Cleaner – Additionally, you can delete all the unwanted chats and files in this app. You can speed up your app with just one tap. Make sure it’s not clogged up with unnecessary information.

What is Whatsapp Plus Free APK?

Similar to WhatsApp, it allows you to send messages. The only difference is its look and feel. The original WhatsApp application has been modified to become WhatsApp Plus. A senior member of XDA, Rafalete made WhatsApp Plus.

Due to the MOD status of this app, you cannot find it in Google Play. Our website has Whatsapp Plus APK that you can download. 

The official developers of WhatsApp will not provide any updates, it is the third-party developers who will do that.

On the web, you may have noticed many Whatsapp Plus Mods. There is, however, a trust issue. Our APKs are all directly from developers. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your privacy and security.

It must be noted that messaging is encrypted end-to-end in this App. All of the original app’s functionality will be available as well. This new version of the UI gives you a redesigned look and handy tools that you can use every day. All the other features will remain the same.

Whatsapp Plus Free APK Download Link

It’s a modified version of WhatsApp with more features. There are also features that have been added with the addition of the logo and user interface. 

Although the app is different from the original in terms of structure, it doesn’t differ that much. Due to this reason, once you have used the original app, you can switch without any difficulty.

Due to its modded nature, this app cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp Plus also allows users to change the theme from a variety of different options. This app allows customization, whereas the original app does not.

Additionally, there is a greatly expanded selection of emoticons. Don’t say a word but express yourself with your emotions instead.

Download Whatsapp Plus APK from here.

How to Install Whatsapp Plus APK on Android

WA Plus 2021 is now available for download. Go to the above link to download it immediately. You get all the high-end features in WhatsApp on this huge app. 

This latest mod also consists of an app that can be downloaded and installed on any Android device. 

Those of you who have not tried WhatsApp modifications before will find these instructions quite useful.

Your Android device must have the third-party installation function enabled before you can install apps from third parties. Due to the fact that WhatsApp Plus is not on the Play Store app.

  • It is necessary to open the Settings app in order to perform the same. Access the security options. 
  • Then go to the Security settings and look for the Unknown sources installation tab.
  • A pop-up will appear when you click on Unknown sources. If a pop-up notification appears, select Allow or enable it.
  • From the above link, download WhatsApp Plus APK 2021 after enabling the third-party app installation.
  • Open the system once the download is complete. Use the Download folder or any other download location in which you keep your downloaded files for handling the apk file.
  • A pop-up window will appear after you click the APK file.
  • Tap the Install button in the pop-up box and wait for the installation to be completed. 
  • Installation is now complete. Navigate to the app menu to find WhatsApp Plus and open it.
  • Ensure that WhatsApp receives all the permissions required for its operation, such as Storage, Call, Camera, and Gallery.

That’s it. You’re done. Download themes and customize the interface of WhatsApp Plus to enjoy the latest features. Now, you have complete control over the app.

The concept of instant messaging has been around for a while. Communication is made easier through these easy-to-use tools since people all over the world can communicate with ease.

It would be impossible to communicate without these apps. Texts and calls are still the only options, which isn’t awful but isn’t free either.

Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp offer a lot of features. There are, however, some limitations to these apps as well. 

Thus, WhatsApp Plus was designed as a modified version of WhatsApp. Developers modified the program’s basic code and used a new user interface to make it more enjoyable for people. 

Additionally, the app has a variety of features. You can basically do anything with this version of WhatsApp. Continue reading to find out more.

Cons of using Whatsapp Plus

Additionally, there are a few disadvantages to using this app. These are listed below.

Slow updates – Updates to this App are not released regularly. There are no new updates for months.

Issues of law – This app was taken down from Google Play after a DMCA takedown. It can still be downloaded from other sources, however. 

Consequently, there is a problem with the validity and legality of this application. You may consider the law if you are an advanced user. However, this App cannot be considered legal or illegal.

Security issues – The App was modified from the original. Your private conversations can be accessed by third parties. Therefore, you need to use it with caution.


Can Android users use WhatsApp Plus safely?

Android users can use the WhatsApp Plus app safely since it does not contain any vulnerabilities. Basically, it’s the same WhatsApp messenger app that has all the same looks and features.

Can the iPhone use WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is only available for Android devices running 4.4 and higher. Android is the only operating system that will function with this application.

Is it possible to ban WhatsApp Plus?

Many scripts are provided with every modified application. The app also contains several mods and scripts.

This allows for additional features and customizations to be added. Basically, it’s a ban-resistance app. To keep yourself safe, however, you must create a closed account or demo account.

Can WhatsApp Plus be installed without verification?

The Google Play Store prototype is called Play Protect. Before an android app is installed, it checks it for violations and bugs.

Most of the devices can be bypassed by WhatsApp Plus. However, if you still aren’t able to install it then you must turn off Google Play Protect.

The Play Store does not have WhatsApp Plus. Why?

A third-party developer developed WhatsApp Plus. The PlayStore does not offer it because of copyright and license issues.

WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp can I install side by side?

The two apps cannot be kept on the same device simultaneously.

Does WhatsApp Plus belong to WhatsApp?

The app is a standalone application developed by independent developers, not an official product of WhatsApp.

Is it possible to be banned from WhatsApp Plus?

As part of the new updates, no. Nevertheless, if you’ve been banned, uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it.

Final Words

One of the most popular modded variations of WhatsApp is WhatsApp Plus APK. Millions of users have access to it. In comparison to the official version, this is an APK app with so many advanced features. 

APK Whatsapp Plus provides many wonderful features, including hiding your last seen and changing themes. WhatsApp Plus is one of the most intuitive messaging apps like GBWhatsapp that users love. 

Keeping in touch with your loved ones is the easiest and cheapest way through Whatsapp Plus. Basically, it’s the easiest way to reach out to people, regardless of where they live

Disclaimer: People who have used Whatsapp Plus already know that it has many amazing features that will make them fall in love with it. However, those days are gone when it was widely used without any doubt. 

With WhatsApp Plus, you could use the app without any fear of getting banned. However, Whatsapp Plus now has a major disadvantage, which is a ban.

Using Whatsapp Plus could lead to the deletion of your account, compromising your data. The primary number should not be used with Whatsapp Plus. You may want to consider temporary numbers. It is best to use a blocking number that you won’t be bothered by.

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