How to save WhatsApp Video and image status – Step by Step Guide

Photos and videos can be shared with people who are using WhatsApp Status. Formerly, WhatsApp was primarily used for chatting. The WhatsApp Status feature was added a couple of years ago. Basically, what you upload gets removed after 24 hours just like Snapchat and Instagram Stories. 

WhatsApp statuses are easy to create. WhatsApp has a status tab where you can check someone’s status if you want. However, how can you save the status? By following the simple steps listed below, Android users can store WhatsApp Status videos and photos from their smartphones. Let’s check out how to save Whatsapp status.

How to save whatsapp status

The ‘Status’ feature was introduced by WhatsApp a few years ago. Besides Instagram, many people also use WhatsApp to upload status updates. We all feel the need to save the statuses of our friends for memory purposes or for some other reason. It is possible to capture screenshots of the statuses. Using a third-party application will be required to save videos.

Statuses cannot be downloaded from WhatsApp. Users could download a profile picture from the platform a few years ago. But this feature was removed to protect personal information. Before downloading an individual’s status, users should first obtain their permission.

WhatsApp allows you to post videos as statuses of 30 seconds in case you are unaware. WhatsApp will crop large files if you try to upload them. Your clip will then appear. There is also a privacy setting. Go to the Status section to find this setting. Press the three-dot icon. Choose Privacy from the list. Three options will appear. Sharing status with my contacts, my contacts except for, and only with me. You can choose any of these.

Now, let’s see how to save Whatsapp status.

Save status files manually using File Manager

The status files are saved locally on the phone by WhatsApp. After 24 hours, they are automatically deleted. Therefore, you should copy them from the temporary folder. Save them somewhere safe. Follow these steps:

It is necessary for you to use a File Manager app to accomplish this. The app is usually included with your phone. It is called “Files” or “File Manager” in most Android and iOS apps. Then you can download ES File Explorer or Solid Explorer if there is none.

  • View the status you wish to save. By doing so, a copy will be made on the phone’s storage.
  • Open the File Manager app.
  • Turn on “show hidden files”.
  • In your file manager, you must open the settings. Then turn on showing hidden files. 
  • Access your WhatsApp folder. Go to the Internal Storage folder. From there, go to WhatsApp > Media > .Status.
  • Take a copy of the photos/videos that you want to keep.
  • Cut and paste the files into a different folder.

That’s all. Your copied images or videos will remain on your computer forever. When you open the folder where the copies were made, you’ll be able to access them later on.

Use a dedicated app to save status files

Rather than dealing with the complexity of manually saving your friends’ WhatsApp status, you can use a 3rd party app. As soon as you see a status update, the app automatically collects it and displays it in an organized way.

  • See the statuses that need to be downloaded in WhatsApp.
  • On your Android, go to the Play Store. Find and install the Status Saver application. 
  • Status Saver can be downloaded from the Play Store.
  • Give it access to your device’s photo, media, and file storage. In order to collect WhatsApp Status images, that is the way the app reads the storage.
  • You can save images or videos by selecting them. Click on the Save button.
  • Whenever you save a picture or video, they are saved to the phone’s internal memory.

That’s all. The WhatsApp story/status of your friend has been saved.

Final Words

This was all about how to save Whatsapp status. You can easily download the WhatsApp status of your contacts using the methods above.