GB Instagram Apk – Latest Version Download in 2022

What is Gb Insta: So, gb instagram is mod version of real instagram. GB Instagram offers more additional features than real insta, and you can download GB Instagram apk from here in 2022 GBInstagram has become so popular.

GB Instagram Apk Free 2022

Gb Instagram APK can be downloaded by clicking the link below. This is the most popular mod, with many outstanding features available. 

As well, nearly ten custom themes are preinstalled in the library of this program. On your device, you can download this app to use any custom theme that you want on your profile.

How To Install GB Instagram APK On Android?

This Apk can be downloaded and installed on your phone similarly to any other app. It might be confusing to people who are used to installing apps from the Play Store but have never installed apps from different sources. This is no cause for concern.

GB Instagram can be installed on Android by following the steps below.

1. Firstly, download the GB Instagram apk on your device

2. Install the GB Instagram app on your phone. The download folder will contain it. 

3. It is necessary to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources if you have never installed any apk file on your device before. You can do this under Settings >> Security >> then check the Unknown Sources box. 

4. Now you can install GB Instagram. 

5. Once you’ve installed GB Instagram, log in with your Instagram account.

That’s it.

Features of GB Insta

In Gb Instagram 2021, many amazing features have been added. This is why the Gb version is becoming increasingly popular. It has many amazing features, as shown below.

Dual Instagram

This feature was recently added to GB Instagram. Multiple accounts are allowed to be used in the same app. Logging out and logging back in again is unnecessary now with this feature. 

Many people have additional accounts apart from their official accounts. They use two accounts, one for the business and the audience, the other for personally related items. So, this feature is for them.

If you tap on the new account button, GB Instagram enables you to use two accounts simultaneously in the app.

Download Media files

We sometimes have problems finding the media files we like on Instagram. Our favorite media files cannot be stored in our device storage since we don’t have extended access to them. 

That’s why there is already a multimedia downloading feature built into the GB Instagram. In the GB version, multimedia content can be saved on the Android storage directly, without having to install any third-party app.

Open the menu at the top of the media file by simply tapping on the three-dot icon. You can also select GB and download it.

Preview of the media file

Due to the fact that official Instagram does not provide us with a preview of the images at full screen, you cannot preview the images at full screen with official Instagram. 

In GB, however, there is a preview feature. This makes it possible for you to view and download the uploaded images in their original quality at full screen.

You can do this by simply clicking on the three-dot icon that appears at the top of your screen. Select GB from the drop-down menu. Click the preview button now. You will then be taken to the full-screen version of the media.

Hide your online presence

You can use this feature to hide the fact that you’ve looked at someone’s status or story. 

Keeping things private is always a priority for us. Some of us don’t like being called stalkers. People close to us always post their statuses and stories on Facebook, so we keep an eye on their posts. 

There might be some discomfort with this situation out there. So, you should download GB Instagram if you want to utilize this amazing feature.

Hide view story

It is a magical feature. We can generally view Instagram stories on the app. However, the new version of GB lets you hide your profile. 

In other words, the story of a friend or an unknown individual in GbInsta can be watched by you. But the viewer list wouldn’t show your profile. 

This is its best feature. By enabling this feature we can allow every user to be able to see each other’s status anonymously.

Go to the settings menu by clicking the profile icon. Select privacy. Select the option to hide stories.


Instagram’s simple and clean interface can become boring for all of us. Sometimes our eyes just want to see something creative and colorful. 

So, there is a great selection of themes with a variety of styles and designs in GB Instagram. 

Select the one that suits your tastes best. Download GB Instagram from the links now to take advantage of customization options.


Social media apps that have been modified are risky. It is possible that the community will ban the profile. The mod apk can be detected and indicated by the machine algorithm of the website if someone uses it. 

However, the Gb version has anti-ban capabilities that ensure you are 100% safe and untraceable.

Copy Anyone’s Caption

We can sometimes be impressed by a caption in someone’s post. Despite our attempts, however, the official Instagram version does not allow us to copy the caption immediately. 

So, the developers of GBInsta decided to add this feature to make it easier and more convenient for users. The caption of a post can now be copied and pasted anywhere. 

Furthermore, the app has been updated to include the ability to copy someone’s comment in the comment section as well. 

It may seem like a simple feature, but it helps us out a lot. Try the latest version of GB Instagram to see if you like it.

Zoom in for profile pictures and Images

Using Instagram’s official app has a major drawback in that it doesn’t allow you to zoom in on your profile picture and other friends’ images. However, the latest release of GBInstagram allows zooming into images and pictures. 

You can zoom in on any image by tapping on it and pinching it out.

Mark any message with a star

A star cannot be added to any message in the official version. It is simply not possible to mark or highlight any conversation in the chatbox.

But now, we can put a star next to any message on GB Instagram. Therefore, finding it later would be easier for us.

What is Gb Instagram?

GB Instagram would be of interest to those who aren’t familiar with the service. In brief, this is a modified Instagram application in which many new features have been added to give you more control and advantage over the service. 

Actually, there are a few drawbacks in the official version that make the experience feel bad to the user. In the latest version of GB Instagram, those drawbacks have been removed and in their place, more advanced features have been added. 

In addition, GB Instagram will have no additional costs or hidden fees. Since GB Instagram is officially not developed by Instagram. You can download it from the link provided below since it is not available in the Google Play Store.

Several third-party Instagram applications can be found on different websites. The updated version of GB Instagram APK is recommended for the utmost security and privacy reasons.

The app is updated regularly by the developers. Here’s a brief look at GB Instagram MOD APK and its amazing features.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites for sharing stories. The Instagram app makes it easy to share pictures, videos, and stories on social media platforms.  

In addition to this, one of the most frustrating aspects of Instagram is that no one can save your shared images, stories, or videos. 

On Google Play and Google Play Store, there are many fake applications that allow users to download Instagram videos. In order to use this type of application, you need to install some third-party apps.

However, you can download an Instagram Mod Apk if you are not comfortable with third-party applications. In today’s article, we will talk about using Gb Instagram apk.


Can I download the Gb Insta app safely?

The apk is a social media app from a third party. However, the installation process is completely safe and secure. 

The Gb Instagram app is used by millions of users in real-time. Scamming complaints have not been recorded by anyone till now. 

Additionally, it can be downloaded for free.

How does the Official version differ from the GB version?

In both versions, there are significant differences. A simple social media application, Instagram Official lets you share photos and videos. It is an online service through which users share files such as images, videos, and photos. 

The Gb Instagram app is a modified version of the official Instagram app. Several new and performance-enhancing features were included in it which is not present in the official app. 

Can I download the Gb Instagram apk for free?

Everyone can download it for free. With the Gbinsta version, the user experience will be improved and customer satisfaction will increase. 

How can I download GbInsta on my PC?

It is typically not possible to open Android files on a computer running Windows or Mac. To run Android apps on your PC, you need to install an emulator. You can use the emulator to download Instagram Gb to your PC and install it.

Online there are many android emulators that are free to download. Install any Android emulator of your choice. Our recommendation is BlueStacks.  

Final Words

GB Instagram APK has a plethora of features that the official Instagram application lacks. This application is going to be a favorite of all MOD Apps fans. New features are also being developed. The developers will soon release them.

Note: Even though the developers claim that GB Instagram is completely safe to use. However, we never know that anytime Instagram will release an update to ban accounts using a modded apk. So, you can face account banning issue or data compromise if you are using GB Instagram in the future.